Speech and breathing techniques

Make our voice strong and teach yourself to speak in public

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  • Speech techniques skills
  • Breathing techniques skills
  • Communication techniques skills
  • Voice improving skills
  • Self-esteem skills



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English (US)

Course Details

Communication is one of the most important thing in life and here you can learn how to use it better.This course is for everybody, who would like to improve their success in life, in work, in relationships, everywhere. After you'll finished the course, you will see, feel how much you have been changed and how much your self-esteem and self-confident is improved, and you will realise how it is easier to talk with people without any embracing moments.

There will be changes in your life as:

-Will be able to communicating with strong confidence

-It will help you to build up better relationships with others

-Will be proud of your voice and will gain stronger self-esteem

-You will have new skills and improve the old ones

-Won't be afraid to talk in public

-Won't need to hide any more your speech problems, I will help to sort them out

About Instructor

Kriss Lakat

My name is Krissi, and I am a teacher, coach, instructor, communicator and a friend.All-in-one.

I have started studying communication,marketing and other business studies about 20 years ago.

Until now I have got several diplomas in business studies and master degree in communications.

My mission is to help the people to improve themselves and to enjoy talking.

In the last few years I have teach many different person, who had problems and I am really proud of them, because all of them reached their targets in life and in their carrier.

I would like to give my knowledge and my art of speaking to others and to make them passionate for communication.

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