Ultimate Guide to AdWords for Businesses

A Complete Google AdWords Training Course


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We’ll start with the basics; what Google AdWords is, how the advertising networks work and the factors that result in your adverts being displayed to the right audiences, at the right time.

With your grounding in the fundamentals of Adwords complete and a full understanding of how to navigate properly within your account, we will move on to how to:

  • Identify the most profitable keywords in your market
  • Limit wasted clicks with carefully chosen negative keywords
  • Structure your Adwords campaigns properly to ensure high ad rank and quality scores
  • Boost advert performance with dynamic content

At the end of this section you will have both a plan and the tools ready start developing your first optimised campaign.

Once built the campaigns will need calibrating and precisely targeted to ensure your adverts are only served to audiences with a high chance of engaging with your business. These steps include:

  • Targeting specific geographic locations
  • Serving your adverts at the optimal times of the day
  • Marketing to previous visitors to your web site with remarketing
  • Testing ads and landing pages with A:B split testing
  • Boosting your ads performance and ROI with campaign optimisation

This course will give you and your business a comprehensive step by step guide to getting most out of Google AdWords. Whether you want to train you and your staff or simply have a reference you can use any time to help you get better results on advertising.

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Chapter 1:   Advertising On Google: Core Principle

Chapter 2:   Building Your AdWords Campaigns

Chapter 3:   Remarketing On AdWords

Chapter 4:   AdWords Campaign Settings

Chapter 5:   AdWords Performance Tracking

Chapter 6:   Managing & Optimising Your AdWords Campaigns

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