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    ZipMinis Rocks Writing Ed
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    Although ZipMinis Freelance Writing launched early in 2012, Darin L. Hammond's experience extends over 20 years of intense writing and teaching writing As a freelance writer he builds the reputation of businesses through professional writing, media, and teaching. He holds an MA in English and writing, with PhD coursework completed.

    As an English professor for 10 years with Phd level work, he perfected skills in research, communication, and rhetoric.

    He is the sole writer of the blog at ZipMinis. He publishes as a journalist with Technorati Media, Social Media Today, BC Blog, Blog Critics, and Broowaha, LifeHack, and Business2 Community on social media, writing, and psychology.

    In addition, he has technical and business writing as the founder of a successful, startup construction company, creating all business, technical, and copy writing, presentations, advertising, and publishing.