Personal Branding For Creatives   Past

Language of Instruction: english

Date and Time:   Jan 24, 2017   08:00PM
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 90 minutes
Datacenter Region:  US East (New York)

This class has ended...

This is an online course in personal branding with interactions with real-time instructor(s) in a virtual classroom of your millennial peers, providing you actionable steps to success on a budget.

  • Why you are better than anyone else at……
  • How to identify and reach your perfect target audience
  • Creative options to engage your audience, and expand your online reach
  • How to create demand and sell out your event
  • How to capture the metrics that matter to agents, publishers, labels and producers.

Course includes: Individual baseline online assessment; a 1.5 hour online course with interactions with real-time instructor, post-course online assessment, “Certification by Sealed Speed” and a personalized 3 minute podcast course review.

  • Starts with a personalized baseline assessment of where you are vs want to be
  • Receive a “Certification by Sealed Speed”, and post course personalized 3 minute podcast - tailored just for you!

Meet the Training Team

Chris Merrion: SVP 10 yrs experience Training Millennials at GNC

” Over the last 10 years of training, my greatest sense of accomplishment has come from being able to develop many different people from all walks of life, and providing them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. We are all on a journey to discover how we can make a meaningful contribution toward creating a world as we would wish it to be. I look forward to sharing proven, actionable advice from my journey that has helped so many others.”

Rose Andrews: 10 yrs Training Millennials, COO Sealed Speed,Inc

“ After ten years of training Millennials , often hiring them for their very first job, identifying what each hires’ greatest gifts are, quickly promoting them to ever higher roles within the company Rose has accelerated the Race to Wealth for countless numbers of young adults. She is a gift to everyone lucky enough to come through her program or even just to have met her.”

Taylor Mcclafferty: Creative Director Sealed Speed, Inc. Artist. Videographer. Writer.

Taylor is a self driven, highly motivated individual who is always aiming for success in all aspects of her life. She has spent a good majority of years working in the arts. Taylor believes, along with her generation that creativity and technology go hand and hand you can not only reach the gateway of success, but surpass it. At only 20 years old she has obtained the desired position of Creative Director at Sealed Speed,Inc. and has established herself as a highly respected Artist, Videographer and Writer.

"We are committed to empowering every Millennial to create the world as you would wish it to be. Whether it’s our work with creators who need to capture the metrics that prove what you create has an audience, so you can 'just create more' or training so you can successfully navigate to where you wish to be in life, we are here to help at clear a path to your success!" ~ Jackie Bassett, CEO Sealed Speed, Inc.