Integrate award-winning Virtual Classroom in your own website using flexible API

RESTful API to integrate Virtual Classroom in your website, LMS, CMS or app.

Video Conference in HD
WebRTC based Ultra low-latency HD audio and video conferencing with great resiliency and performance.
High Quality Voice Over IP (VoIP)
WebRTC based Full Duplex Audio supports crystal clear live audio streams over any protocol.
No Software Downloads
Browser-based solution that does not require additional plugins, apps or software downloads.
Worldwide Datacenter Locations
Virtual Classroom sessions can be hosted in 10 low-latency edge locations worldwide, spanning all five continents.
Global STUN/TURN Locations
Geolocation aware STUN and TURN network offers low-latency network traversal service.
Anycast Global CDN Locations
BrainCert's global Content Delivery Network (CDN) improves overall performance, security andreliability.
Deep SFU Engine
BrainCert's Deep SFU engine powered by Simulcast delivers the best quality video streams to all the attendees.
WARP Technology
BrainCert's WebRTC Alternative Route Path (WARP) technology optimizes the network routes with reliable connectivity.
256-bit Strong Encryption
All virtual classroom tools and session data are encrypted using industry standard AES-256 encryption.
Full-screen Video Conferencing
Stack the video streams over the whiteboard or full-screen to collaborate face-to-face with your attendees.
Cloud Media Player
Stream audio and video files in a live session and control playback or allow attendees to control it on their own.
Connect To Cloud Drives
Connect your virtual classroom directly to Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
Integrated Content Library
Upload files such as DOC, PPT, PDF, MP3, MP4 etc in advance and share it with your students in a live session.
Interactive Whiteboards
Multiple whiteboards offers tools for drawing, writing, LaTEX math equations, draw shapes & symbols, lines etc.
Attendance Report
Attendance dashboard provides useful data such as duration and time in/out data each attendee.
Session Recording & Playback
Server-side HTML5-based session recording provides 720p HD MP4 recordings to share with attendees.
Concatenate Recorded Files
Concatenate multiple session recordings into a single video file at the end of the session as HD MP4 file.
Standard & Enhanced Recorder
Select option to record only whiteboard, chat and videos or record entire browser tab - your recordings, your way.
Compliance Recording
Block instructors from stopping the class recording for compliance reasons and enable auto recording.
Share Recordings
Intuitive sharing feature to generate unique encrypted recording link to share with students securely.
Lock Recorded files
Lock recorded files to stop students from viewing specific recordings with an easy-to-use locking feature.
Code Editor
Teach 15+ programming languages and collaboratively code with attendees in real-time with vim and sublime editor.
Rich Markup & Annotation
Annotate over uploaded documents and screen sharing windows with the ability to zoom in/out and scroll.
Wolfram|Alpha Integration
Wolfram|Alpha gives you access to the world's facts and shows output to your questions on the whiteboard.
Countdown Timer
Awesome landing page with responsive countdown timer that shows countdown timer, session details and launch button.
BreakOut Rooms
Split your main class into smaller sub-rooms to allow learners to collaborate and practice in smaller groups.
Group Screen Sharing
Share multiple user screens on the whiteboard in a tabbed interface and switch between multiple user screens.
LaTeX Equation Editor
Highly interactive point & click LaTeX Equation Editor for creating and displaying complex math equations.
Background Papers
Change the background of the whiteboard to white, lined, grid or millimeter style paper
Advanced Shapes
Fluid drawing tool with shapes such as triangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, cylinder, cube,cone and etc.
Group Chat
Group team chat keeps attendees to discuss class topic and express using emoticons with file sharing capability.
Private Chat
Instructors can chat securely with open or private communication with other attendees in the classroom.
Use emoticons to convey a facial expression or emotion in chat conversations or on the whiteboards.
Save & Load Whiteboards
Ability to save the whiteboards to cloud storage and load it in any of your live class session anytime.
Export Whiteboard Content
Easily export the entire content on the whiteboard as a PDF or image file with a click of a button.
Right-Click Operations
Right-click menu to cut, copy, paste, delete an object or send to front/back and flip vertical/horizontal.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Auto-detect feature to support Windows, Mac and touch capable devices to natively cut/copy/paste items.
Line & Connector Tool
Use lines that connect shapes in flow charts, mind maps, organization charts, and more. Almost every diagram uses connectors
Text & Highlighter Tool
Select option to record only whiteboard, chat and videos or record entire browser tab - your recordings, your way.
User Mentions in Chat
Mentions are a direct way to notify people of something that needs their attention in Group or Private chat.
Broadcast Messages
Easily broadcast messages to all attendees in main or breakout rooms in real-time using @broadcast tag.
Eraser & Delete Tool
Organize the whiteboard by removing specific object or entire content with eraser and delete tool.
Class Scheduler
Awesome class scheduler tool to schedule your classes in confidence with plethora of options.
Recurring Classes
Schedule recurring classes daily, weekly, monthly or on selected days - you are on the pilot's seat.
Reseller Dashboard
With reseller dashboard, you can easily manage all your internal or customer API domains and subscriptions in one place.