1.2.B Exercise: Subject-Verb Agreement


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Exam Description:

  1. Julia loves peanut butter.
  2. Her favorite colours is blue, green, and turquoise.
  3. My cat dislike loud noises.
  4. Why don’t he come to class on time?
  5. We buy too much toilet paper.
  6. Your professor have only a little time to mark papers.
  7. Samsung and LG is both Korean companies.
  8. Is they going out tonight with their friends?
  9. We lives a life of love, joy, and peace!
  10. Subin and Casey want to get married soon.
  11. I can’t find the ketchup - where did you puts it?
  12. There isn’t many reasons to study for this test.

Exam Objectives:

  • 1.2.B Exercise: Subject-Verb Agreement


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     1.2.B Exercise: Subject-Verb Agreement
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