SOCS 350 Final Exam Practice


Total of 5 Questions

Exam Description:

This practice exam has been compiled to increase confidence, reduce exam anxiety and improve exam performance of students who are required to take Final Exam in Week 8 for "SOCS 350 Cultural Diversity in the Professions" class. This practice test for Final Exam has total 5(five) essay type questions covering all course material from Weeks 1-7. You 'll find detailed answer to the questions highlighted below:

1. Question: What is diversity? What does it mean to you? To society?

2. Question: What is the relationship between compliance with legislative acts and valuing diversity? Explain.

3. Question: What can White men, who are most likely to be managers and executives in organizations, do to foster diversity in organizations? Why would they want to do so?

4. Question: Discuss the diversity among Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans in the United States. How does this diversity affect their organizational experiences?

5. Question: What is the relationship between poverty and discrimination? According to the text, what are the characteristics of people living in poverty?

Exam Objectives:

  • SOCS 350 Final Exam (Practice Test)


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