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iStar Software Developer Test
    2 Questions Price: Free 2 Attempts By Abhinav

This test is to filter candidates based on their basic verbal ability, lgical reasonging and mathematics skills.

Quick IQ Test
    3 Questions Price: Free 10 Attempts By QuickIQ

Welcome! Quick IQ is a test of general intelligence that quickly and conveniently measures reasoning skills. While standard IQ tests typically consist of hundreds...

Softskills - Quiz 1
    2 Questions Price: Free 6 Attempts By BTC

Teste: Negociação Empresarial

Algebra 2
    12 Questions Price: Free 10 Attempts By David Qiu


This is an Algebra 2 Test. This is intended to test your understanding of basic algebra 2 concepts and math skills. Please remember that you are being timed. Good Luck!

The Mtor Team !

Time value of Money
    3 Questions Price: Free 1 Attempts By Rohit

Test your financial computational skills on 'time value of money'

Financial Calculation
    5 Questions Price: Free 0 Attempts By Rohit

Test your basic Financial mathematics skills

Pre-Placement Test
    50 Questions Price: Free 42 Attempts By Enlight Instructor

This is Enlight's Pre-Placement Test. Successful test takers will get preferred opportunities to get placed via Enlight's Training and Placement Department at various organisations.

This Test Contains 30 Questions and is base...

Soft Skills Test
    10 Questions Price: Free 2000 Attempts By Aishwarya

This is a test that will measure your soft skills. Each question is a hypothetical situation and the answer choices are possible responses to these scenarios. Please answer honestly to get the best results!

Test courtesy from...

GMAT - Problem Solving
    10 Questions Price: Free 22 Attempts By James

The GMAT tests a lot of skills – from quantitative analysis to passage reading to correcting grammar flaws. So how do you prep for the questions you’ll see on exam day? Practice, practice, practice. This FREE Test assesses your understanding of mathemat...