Get Class Launch URL

Method : POST

Base URL :

API Endpoint : /v2/getclasslaunch?apikey=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

All requests are POST and sent to You will retrieve results assuming you have added your appKey, and require parameter.

Request parameters

class_idrequiredClass id10
userIdrequiredUser id35
userNamerequiredUser Namestring
isTeacherrequiredisTeacher0 for Student, 1 for teacher
lessonNamerequiredlesson Namestring
courseNamerequiredCourse Namestring
isExtendoptionalExtend class duration- 0 Allow instructor to extend classroom time using the class timer option under 'class settings' (API will assume '0' as default option if you don't pass this parameter).
- 1 Remove the timer option to extend the class duration in timer popup.
formatoptionalResponse data formatxml for XML response, default JSON response

Example request:

Response XML Example

Success Response

<rsp status="ok">

Error Response

<rsp status="error">
   <errors> error </errors>

Response JSON Example

Success Response


Error Response

  "error":"Invalid API KEY"