E-Learning Platform For Instructors

Super easy-to-use platform to deliver any type of training online. Want to teach Yoga or Software skills? No problem.


Enterprise LMS For Organizations

Your own custom branded, easy-to-use, and cloud-ready learning and teaching platform for your organization.


Virtual Classroom API For Collaboration

Power your website, LMS, or CMS with Virtual Classroom with real-time live video conference, chat, whiteboards, and more.


We have four products, integrated on one platform

Imagine having a single platform to do everything from conducting online meetings to selling courses. That's BrainCert.

Virtual Classroom

World's first WebRTC powered HTML5 Virtual Classroom in 50 languages. BrainCert Virtual Classroom is tailor-made to deliver live classes, meetings, webinars, and conferences to audience anywhere!

Online Courses Platform

BrainCert's fully hosted and secure Courses Platform offers all the tools you need to create (and take) highly interactive, themed, and blended courses online.

Online Testing Platform

BrainCert's fully hosted and secure Online Testing Platform offers an easy-to-use way to measure, analyze, and view results of the test takers online easily.

Unified Content Management

Upload, embed, and manage contents from your local computer, SCORM files, Google Docs, Slideshare, Dropbox, Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo and other supported sources - all in once place.

SkyHigh Enterprise Ready

Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™

Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

GetApp Leader

GetApp's Category Leader

GetApp has listed BrainCert as a LMS Category Leader in their quarterly ranking solidifying BrainCert's position as one of the leading Learning Management System solutions in the cloud.

Technology Award

BrandonHall Technology Award

BrainCert has won the 2017 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award in the category - "Best Advance in Technology for Virtual-Classroom or Conferencing Technology".

Integrated Virtual Classroom For Live Collaboration

BrainCert offers the largest secure global infrastructure, enabling you to schedule and launch live virtual classroom sessions no matter where you or your attendees may be!

  • Video

  • Voice

  • Whiteboards

  • Chat

  • Screen Sharing

  • Session Recording

Video Conference in HD

WebRTC based Ultra HD video conferencing with great resiliency and multiple full HD participants in real time without having to install additional plugins.

High Quality Voice Over IP (VoIP)

WebRTC based Full Duplex Audio supports crystal clear live audio streams over any protocol without the need to change any firewall rules or network configuration at your end.

Interactive Whiteboards

The staple of all classroom instruction is the digital whiteboard that supports drawing tool, LaTEX math equations, draw shapes & symbols, save snapshots, and share documents in multiple tabs.

Group Chat

Group text chat is available to interact with instructor and students in real-time. Collaborative chat for everything from discussing class aspects, to sharing useful info.

Group HTML5 Screen Sharing

Highly intuitive HTML5-based Group Screen Sharing in HD allows instructors and students to share their computer screens in tabbed interface and allows instructor to easily switch between multiple screens.

Record Sessions in HD

Server-side HTML5-based session recording without the need to install any other software or browser plugins. Record and download lessons instantly, share and play online for attendees.

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