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Scalable & Secure Online Assessment Platform

BrainCert simplifies online assessments for academic, certification, and professional development needs. Offering a secure, scalable environment, our platform is ideal for conducting proctored exams, enhancing workplace skills, and efficient pre-hire testing.

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Assessments done right

Experience precision in evaluation with our cloud-based assessment platform, expertly crafted for academic, pre-hire, and post-hire testing. It's engineered to precisely identify the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

Elevate Your Testing Experience

Transform your approach to pre-hire assessments, employee evaluations, and skills measurement. Leverage insightful data and analytics to precisely identify the capabilities and areas for improvement in potential candidates and existing employees.

Enhanced Security and Compliance on a Scalable Platform

    BrainCert's AWS-hosted platform offers unparalleled security and scalability. It adheres to top-tier standards, including SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, McAfee Enterprise-Ready, and HIPAA Compliance, ensuring data encryption in transit and at rest while prioritizing privacy and reliability.


Innovative Online Proctoring

Embrace the future of exam supervision with BrainCert's HTML5-based Virtual Classroom, leveraging WebRTC technology for effective remote proctoring. This state-of-the-art solution offers live, secure, cloud-based video streaming to authenticate test-takers and prevent cheating. Proctors can actively monitor exams in real-time, supported by comprehensive session recordings for post-exam reviews — all without the need for software downloads or browser plugins.


Diverse and Sophisticated Question Formats

    BrainCert offers a comprehensive range of question types to cater to diverse assessment needs. This includes both open and closed-ended formats like multiple-choice, multiple answers, drag & drop, fill in the blanks, true or false, as well as audio and video questions. Additionally, it supports essay types, multiple true/false questions, and complex scenario-based questions, providing a thorough evaluation of candidates' knowledge and understanding.


Powerful Assessment Engine for Comprehensive Evaluation

BrainCert's robust assessment engine is your go-to solution for pre-hire testing, employee evaluations, and skills measurement. Streamline your recruitment process by automating pre-hiring assessments to identify top talent efficiently. Measure the effectiveness of your employees or learners with ease. Test results are conveniently delivered to your email or accessible online, providing immediate and precise insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your test-takers. Experience simplicity and accuracy in every assessment!


Effortless Selling of Tests and Assessments

    Easily monetize your tests and assessments with BrainCert's integrated, secure payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Payumoney, and Paystack. Our platform features an intuitive shopping cart system, simplifying the process of creating and selling both one-time and recurring subscriptions. Start accepting payments instantly and expand your reach with minimal effort.


Advanced Question Analysis with AI/ML

Leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning with BrainCert's analysis engine. This advanced tool scrutinizes every question and data point to generate comprehensive reports on overall performance and assessment quality. It identifies questions that may not effectively discriminate student performance, providing detailed insights and recommendations for review. Ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of your assessments with this sophisticated feature.

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What They Say About Us

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BrainCert for adding an e-learning component to your training programs

Best priced enterprise solutions with Webinar integration, custom certification, and shareable testing. Moodle's Open Source and Server based option meant a high degree of maintenance that would be a greater cost than using a service. Teachable is good, but at a similar price I can get a much larger and comprehensive enterprise solution.

William S.
Dean of Hospitality
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Real Estate School Review

BrainCert customer service has been very helpful throughout the setup process as well as moving forward with using the program. They are very quick to respond. Overall we are very please with the ease of use and the features. Tests were easy to create. Courses were easy to create. Video capability is a must for us and BrainCert makes that possible. The program had the features we absolutely had to have.

Marla M.
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BrainCert - Learning management system (LMS)

We tested over 10 LMS platforms and settled with BrainCert Enterprise LMS product for their excellent Virtual Classroom software, courses, and assessment platform, which we use daily to deliver self-paced and live training. What we liked about BrainCert is the ease in which we can customize registration fields and onboard users without any pain points. We also like the ability to organize users in Groups and enforce specific permissions using Roles. BrainCert offers hundreds of valuable integrations to connect to our OneDrive, Google Docs, and CRM system. It stands out for visual collaboration using its interactive whiteboards and virtual classroom software to deliver webinars, team collaboration, and live customer training.

Vijayakumar T
Technical Lead - Development

Core Features

A comprehensive assessment platform with all the features to create and deliver assessments for academic and certification needs, workplace skills improvement, proctored exams and pre-hire tests.

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  • Pause & Resume Test
  • Customizable Test Delivery
  • Shareable Test Links
  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Close-Ended Questions
  • Testing & Certification
  • Demo Questions Preview
  • Manual & Automatic Scoring
  • Lockdown 
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  • Actionable Insights
  • Bypass Payment Gateway
  • Adaptive Shopping Cart
  • Award Digital Certificates
  • Scoring Rubric & Points
  • Certificate Numbers
  • Export Question Bank
  • Allow Reviewing Answers
  • Send Questions Feedback
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  • Question Quality Score
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  • Question audit trail
  • Custom Test Theme
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