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Transform the way you educate with BrainCert's Virtual Classroom API. Immerse your users in a world of interactive, dynamic, and effective online learning experiences. Our API is the key to unlocking a new era of educational possibilities, connecting learners globally and providing an unparalleled platform for knowledge exchange.

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Effortlessly Integrate the Virtual Classroom with Your Website, LMS, CMS, or App using our REST API. Jumpstart Your Integration with Free Plugins for WordPress, Joomla, and Moodle

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Elevate Your Tutoring Business

Running a tutoring business has never been easier with BrainCert's Virtual Classroom API. Seamlessly integrate our powerful features into your website, LMS, CMS, or app, and provide an unparalleled learning experience for your students.

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Kickstart your virtual classroom journey with BrainCert's free plugins for popular platforms like WordPress, Moodle, and Joomla. Experience a seamless integration process and tap into the potential of online learning with ease.

Complete White-Label Solution

Experience unparalleled customization with BrainCert's White-Label Solution with custom branding, personalized domain, dedicated API endpoint, SSL certificate, and theme options - all in a seamless, secure learning environment.

Virtual Classroom As a Service (VCaaS™)

Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to upgrade your online tutoring or collaboration experience with the most advanced virtual classroom technology at an unbeatable price.

BrainCert SD-SWN™

BrainCert's Software-Defined Smart WebRTC Network (SD-SWN™) offers the lowest latency, high availability, resiliency, and stable connectivity with guaranteed 99.995% uptime.


Adaptive Simulcast

With Simulcast, BrainCert provides optimal viewing experience by intelligently maximizing the best quality video streams by adapting to varying bitrate and changing network conditions.

WARP Technology

BrainCert's disruptive WebRTC Alternative Route Path (WARP) is a self-healing algorithm that automatically analyzes and optimizes the network routes and provide reliable, stable and consistent connectivity.




Billed Annually - Save $240

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  • Up to 10,000 instructor min/mo
  • Up to 50,000 attendee min/mo
  • Unlimited Concurrent Rooms
  • Complete White-label solution
  • 10GB Cloud Disk Storage 

  • Core Features
  • All core VCaaS™ features
  • Multiple presenters & moderators
  • Breakout rooms
  • Advanced whiteboards
  • Up to 600 HD recording min/mo
  • Up to 5 attendees per room
  • Up to 60 minutes/session
  • Up to 5 active videos
  • Custom API endpoint
  • Custom SSL Certificate
  • Tier I Datacenters

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Billed Annually - Save $360

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  • Up to 20,000 instructor min/mo
  • Up to 200,000 attendee min/mo
  • Unlimited Concurrent Rooms
  • Complete White-label solution
  • 25GB Cloud Disk Storage 

  • Includes All 'Core Features' with Plan Starter, Plus
  • All core VCaaS™ features
  • Multiple presenters & moderators
  • Breakout rooms
  • Advanced whiteboards
  • Up to 1800 HD recording min/mo
  • Up to 10 attendees per room
  • Up to 90 minutes/session
  • Up to 10 active videos
  • Custom API endpoint
  • Custom SSL Certificate
  • Tier II Datacenters

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Billed Annually - Save $480

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  • Up to 30,000 instructor min/mo
  • Up to 750,000 attendee min/mo
  • Unlimited Concurrent Rooms
  • Complete White-label solution
  • 50GB Cloud Disk Storage 

  • Includes All 'Core Features' with Plan Premium, Plus
  • All core VCaaS™ features
  • Multiple presenters & moderators
  • Breakout rooms
  • Advanced whiteboards
  • Up to 4800 HD recording min/mo
  • Up to 25 attendees per room
  • Up to 120 minutes/session
  • Up to 10 active videos
  • Custom API endpoint
  • Custom SSL Certificate
  • Tier III Datacenters

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Virtual Classroom API - Use Cases

Empowering Diverse Industries to Connect, Collaborate, and Learn in a Seamless Virtual Environment.

Online Tutoring & Coaching

Equip independent tutors, educators, and coaching centers with a feature-rich virtual classroom to conduct live classes, host interactive sessions, and provide personalized learning experiences for their students.

feature-image feature-image

Corporate Training

Empower businesses to conduct remote training sessions, workshops, and webinars for their employees, ensuring skill development and knowledge sharing without geographical constraints.

feature-image feature-image

Language Schools

Help language schools provide immersive and interactive language learning experiences by integrating the Virtual Classroom API into their platform, offering live classes, real-time interaction, and collaboration tools.

feature-image feature-image

Higher Education Institutions

Enable universities and colleges to offer online courses, workshops, and lectures, enhancing accessibility for students and providing a comprehensive educational experience through virtual classrooms.

feature-image feature-image

K-12 Schools

Support K-12 schools in conducting online classes, tutoring sessions, and after-school programs, ensuring uninterrupted learning even in challenging circumstances, such as during a pandemic or natural disaster.

feature-image feature-image

Non-Profit Organizations & NGOs

Assist non-profit organizations and NGOs in conducting online training, workshops, and collaborative sessions for their volunteers, beneficiaries, or community members, helping them achieve their goals more effectively.

feature-image feature-image

Professional Development Programs

Facilitate professional development courses, workshops, and certification programs for various industries, enabling professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge through online learning.

feature-image feature-image

Healthcare Sector

Provide healthcare professionals with a platform for remote training, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and best practices.

feature-image feature-image

Core Features

Feature rich WebRTC based virtual classroom to create a collaborative learning environment in the cloud.

  • Deep SFU
  • High Quality Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Worldwide Datacenter Locations
  • WARP 

  • 256-bit 
    Strong Encryption
  • Cloud Media
  • Connect 
    To Cloud Drives
  • Session Recording & Playback
  • Wolfram|
    Alpha Integration
  • Rich 
    Markup & Annotation
  • LaTeX 
  • Private/ 
  • Right-
    Click Operations
  • Export Whiteboard Content
  • Background Papers

  • BreakOut 

  • Code 

  • Concatenate
  • Video Conference in HD
  • No 
    Software Downloads
  • Global STUN/TURN Locations
  • Anycast 
    Global CDN Locations
  • Full-screen Video Conferencing
  • Integrated Content Library
  • Interactive Whiteboards

  • Attendance 

  • Standard & Enhanced Recorder
  • Compliance Recording

  • Lock 
  • Countdown 

  • Group Screen Sharing
  • Advanced 
  • Emoticons

  • Save & Load Whiteboards
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Line & Connector Tool
  • Text & Highlighter Tool
  • User 
    Mentions in Chat
  • Broadcast Messages

  • Class 

  • Recurring 

  • Send 
  • Video Conference in HD
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Custom Branding
  • Code editor
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Flexible Class Scheduler


testimonial quote
Braincert Live Classroom

Interface is user friendly and looks like a classroom rather than just a virtual meeting portal and Costing is also on lower side as compared to other brands available. We are using it in delivering Virtual classes in our University. It's a good solution and everyone who has tried it in teaching fraternity has liked it. Students found the classroom more interesting as compared to other conferencing platforms that we have tried. We are looking to scale up in the near future with more concurrent classrooms.

Dr. Umesh D
testimonial quote
BrainCert is The Best Online Whiteboard

The Virtual Whiteboard API made it easy to integrate BrainCert's whiteboard into our own tutoring system. The automatic session recording is incredible and a must-have feature for our one-on-one tutoring sessions to ensure quality control and safety. The whiteboard space also includes functionality to help users diagnose their connection and webcam/microphone issues which previously would come back to us in the form of support calls and emails. The whiteboard space itself worked amazingly on both PCs and tablets, has all the basic tools and more handy tools like Wolfram Alpha and YouTube that teachers could take advantage of.

Derek B
testimonial quote
BrainCert for one-on-one reading instruction

This platform works very well for one-on-one reading instruction for kids in grades 4 and up. Sharing a screen with a student helps focus the student's attention, and using the writing and highlighting tools on the shared screen allows me (the instructor) instant feedback on the student's understanding. Misunderstandings can be cleared up immediately, before the student can learn bad habits from their misunderstanding.

Victoria C.
Reading Tutor
testimonial quote
Highly Recommend the Virtual Classroom product and working with Braincert

The Virtual Classroom has allowed us to connect with our students that we would not normally be able to reach. The product is intuitive and we have received fantastic feedback from our students.The ease in which it can be integrated. The cross browser support is excellent. The virtual classroom is particularly user friendly. The customer support has been awesome - the team always responds to my queries and have taken a lot of time to explain the product and how to optimally set up the server's for my clientele. The convenience to share files and worksheets with students.

Alex G.