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Empowering Learners with Digital Credentials & Badges

BrainCert empowers you to go beyond traditional course completion – we offer a powerful suite of Digital Certificates & Badges to recognize learner achievements and showcase valuable skills. These verifiable credentials can be easily shared electronically with potential employers, on professional networks like LinkedIn, or even printed for a physical copy.

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Certificate Designer Tool for Customization

Design certificates that reflect your brand identity. With BrainCert's intuitive Certificate Designer Tool, you can personalize certificate templates, add logos, and incorporate custom elements to create a truly professional presentation.


Boost Learner Engagement & Motivation

Reward learners automatically as they progress through their learning journey. The act of earning badges and certificates provides a sense of accomplishment, encouraging learners to strive for mastery and complete your training programs. BrainCert's gamification features seamlessly integrate with digital credentials, further enhancing learner engagement.


Badges to Motivate Learners

Show appreciation for learners' achievements by awarding them badges. Customizable badges, chosen from a preloaded selection or created from scratch, motivate learners to strive for excellence and push their boundaries.


Data-Driven Insights with Dashboards

Track learner progress and celebrate achievements through BrainCert's comprehensive dashboards. These dashboards visualize badge and point distribution, promoting a healthy competitive environment and providing valuable insights into learner performance.


Core Features

All the tools and features you need to create & sell online courses.

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Don’t just take it from us

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BrainCert solved our problems we faced to continue our classes, conduct exams, and monitor our student activities. Student attendance report in a virtual classroom; assignments in LMS helped us to track student strength and weakness, gamification a significant feature we used to build the competition between students to improve learning pace.

Abinaya K.
Assistant Professor
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I am a big fan of the extend of customization possible in BrainCert LMS. The platform lets us easily set learning paths for our learners, track strengths & weaknesses, and measure learning outcome. Also, the built-in virtual classroom platform with recording features was an added advantage for us.

Khan N.
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
testimonial quote

BrainCert platform has great features including the ability to offer courses, rather than simply host videos. Content is easily uploaded and organized. The price is reasonable. BrainCert has allowed me to offer the I-75 CPA Review Course which is fast becoming a disruptive force in the CPA Review Industry. Very important, BrainCert listened to me when I told them that I needed a speed up button for video playback. This is something that my students asked for and BrainCert responded! BrainCert shares the philosophy of continuous improvement in real time. I highly recommend BrainCert!

Darius C.

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