BrainCert Vs Kajabi

Outshine Kajabi with BrainCert's Comprehensive Solutions and Unrivaled Flexibility - Unlock Limitless Possibilities Without Breaking the Bank

Upgrade Your Educational Experience with BrainCert's All-Inclusive Toolkit: Dynamic Assessments, Interactive Virtual Classrooms, and Gamified Learning to Engage and Inspire Learners Beyond Expectations.

Why BrainCert Over Kajabi

Robust Features

BrainCert offers an extensive arsenal of features, including the ability to craft courses, monetize course sales, conduct live classes, and administer exams. Kajabi offers fewer features for live courses and assessments but focuses more on creating and selling courses.


Virtual Classroom

BrainCert provides a seamlessly integrated virtual classroom, equipped with a diverse range of tools for hosting interactive webinars and live sessions. In contrast, Kajabi lacks these essential features, limiting your ability to connect and engage with your audience in real-time.

Exam & Assessment Tools

BrainCert boasts an extensive array of assessment tools, including advanced scoring algorithms, question analysis, flexible delivery settings, diverse question types, and customizable rules. Employ these flexible features for online proctored exams, quizzes, and surveys.


Compare BrainCert and Kajabi

BrainCert vs Kajabi
Starting price for paid plans
$39/month (billed annually)
$119/month (billed annually)
Transaction fees
Unlimited Products
3 products - Free 15 products - paid
Unlimited Customers
Only 10,000 active customers
Online Community
Online Courses
Integrated Assessments
No (Basic quiz functionality only)
Virtual classroom Recording
Integrated Virtual Classroom
Shippable Products
Audit Trail
Email Marketing
Site Builder & Landing Pages
Unified shopping cart
Centralized content library
Yes, Manage all your content from a single universal content library and organize them into different folders.
No (Content is specific to each course. No support for centralized content library to reuse same content in multiple courses)
Record live sessions
Learning path
Email Notifications & Triggers
Discounts & Coupons
Global discounts
SCORM & HTML5 support
Bulk User Import
Custom Registration Fields


BrainCert delivers a state-of-the-art course platform, empowering you to create immersive and interactive learning experiences. Our platform boasts advanced features such as live classes, gamification and assessments, enabling you to craft engaging courses that cater to diverse learning styles. On the other hand, Kajabi is notably more limited in terms of features and functionality, constraining your potential to deliver truly dynamic and enriching educational content.

Blended courses
Advanced Zoom Integration
Course Bundle
Embeddable Tests
Completion Rules
Reset course progress


BrainCert excels in offering a robust selection of advanced assessment features, setting it apart from Kajabi's more limited capabilities. Alongside standard question formats such as multiple-choice, true/false, and short answer questions, BrainCert raises the bar by incorporating more complex question types, including essays, scenarios, and drag-and-drop exercises, as well as an advanced adaptive scoring algorithm. This unparalleled versatility empowers you to design varied and engaging assessments that appeal to different learning styles, showcasing BrainCert's superior commitment to a comprehensive educational experience.

Sell Tests & Assessment
3 Scoring Algorithms (Adaptive, Standard & Partial-Credit)
Advanced Question Types
Test completion certificates
Manual & Automatic Scoring
Open & Close Ended Questions
Bulk import question
Shareable tests
Proctored Exams

Reports & Analytics

While both BrainCert and Kajabi provide reporting and analysis tools to help course creators monitor their students' progress and performance, BrainCert offers a more comprehensive and advanced suite of features. With BrainCert, you can track individual student progress, access in-depth reports on overall course performance, and identify trends and patterns in student performance with ease. This enhanced level of insight and analysis sets BrainCert apart from Kajabi, empowering educators to make data-driven decisions and deliver a more effective and personalized learning experience.

User progress
Course Insights
Test Insights
Class Attendance
Custom Reports
Coupon Analytics
Email Analytics
Data Export


BrainCert elevates e-commerce capabilities, providing diverse monetization options for course creators. Unlike Kajabi, BrainCert enables selling courses, tests, assessments, shippable products, and live classes via its integrated virtual classroom. The Unified Shopping Cart simplifies checkout, letting learners purchase digital and physical products seamlessly, while redeeming gamification points and applying discount coupons. These advanced features position BrainCert as the top choice for content monetization and delivering an outstanding learner experience.

Sell Courses
Sell Bundles
Sell Tests & Assessments
Sell Live Classes
Bypass payment gateway

Security & Compliance

BrainCert sets itself apart by holding both SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliance, which Kajabi lacks. These certifications demonstrate BrainCert's unwavering commitment to data security, privacy, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and overall security posture. You can trust BrainCert to protect your valuable information with the highest standards in the industry.

SOC2 Type 2 Certified
ISO 27001 compliant
HIPAA Compliant
GDPR Compliant

BrainCert Virtual Classroom

Kajabi lacks an integrated virtual classroom, a feature that comes standard with the BrainCert platform. BrainCert's virtual classroom boasts a wide array of capabilities, including multiple whiteboards, audio/video conferencing, simultaneous screen sharing, document viewer, chat, and a 16:9 aspect ratio that adapts to the dimensions of the user's device. This ensures an optimal learning experience across various screen sizes.

Worldwide datacenter locations
WARP technology
Custom branding & theme
Interactive whiteboards
LaTeX equation editor
Download chat logs
Connectivity test tool
Multiple classroom layouts
Polls & surveys
Teacher tools

BrainCert: The Superior Choice for Your Online Learning Needs

Choose BrainCert for a more comprehensive, secure, and customizable online learning solution that exceeds the capabilities of Kajabi.

   BrainCert outshines Kajabi by offering a more extensive range of features tailored to the needs of various users, from individual instructors, entrepreneurs, and coaches to SMBs and mid-size enterprises. BrainCert caters to a diverse array of industries and use cases, ensuring that our platform is versatile and adaptable.

   In addition to its comprehensive feature set, BrainCert holds SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, which Kajabi lacks. This means you can trust BrainCert to safeguard your data security, privacy, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and overall security posture. Our adherence to stringent security standards is verified annually by AICPA-approved independent auditors.

   While Kajabi only offers a partial white-label solution, BrainCert provides a fully customizable experience, including your own branded domain from the outset. This allows you to create a cohesive and professional online presence.

   Kajabi also falls short in terms of SCORM, xAPI/LRS integration, and robust assessments. In contrast, BrainCert natively supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004 4th Edition content packages, along with a wide array of tracking and reporting tools that make monitoring learners' progress and identifying areas for improvement a breeze.


How Creator-Friendly is BrainCert?

BrainCert is exceptionally creator-friendly, providing an array of features and tools designed for seamless course management and delivery. Key creator-friendly features include:

Interactive Learning Experiences

BrainCert provides an extensive array of customization options for course creators, empowering them to develop captivating and interactive content. Alongside this, the platform enables meaningful progress measurement through insightful assessments and fosters real-time collaboration with its integrated virtual classroom, creating an immersive and dynamic learning experience.

Learner Awards- BrainCert Gamified LMS

Role-based Content

BrainCert features a role-based and intuitive user interface, streamlining the course management and delivery process for creators. This tailored approach offers customized dashboards and content, catering to the specific needs of each user role, and ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Increase User Engagement & Retention - BrainCert Unified Training Platform

Advanced Assessment Tools

BrainCert's assessment platform stands out by integrating sophisticated question types such as essays, scenarios, and drag-and-drop exercises, delivering a more comprehensive and engaging testing experience. Moreover, the platform utilizes an advanced adaptive scoring algorithm, ensuring precise and fair evaluation of learners' performance and understanding.

Leader Board Learner Progress - BrainCert Gamified LMS


What They Say About Us

testimonial quote
Education Management

BrainCert customer service has been very helpful throughout the setup process as well as moving forward with using the program. They are very quick to respond. Overall we are very please with the ease of use and the features. PROS Tests were easy to create. Courses were easy to create. Video capability is a must for us and BrainCert makes that possible.

testimonial quote
Amazing lms platform,has almost all…

Amazing lms platform,has almost all required features but need to ork on its support system

Neeru Walia
testimonial quote
Incredible comprehensive LMS platform

"Easy to set up & feature rich LMS" What do you like best about BrainCert? The platform is easy to set up and use from both the instructor and trainee viewpoints. They also have excellent customer support. Gamification is a great feature we absolutely adore. It comes with custom badges and rules that greatly helping our learners engaged and motivated. Role-based navigation and group specific interface language is great for multi-lingual audience. Setting up custom registration fields, importing course contents from our Google drive and Dropbox, custom website hostname and free SSL certificate is just a few clicks which made our onboarding super easy

Verified User
Education Management
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