Integrated CRM to Manage Your LMS Users

BrainCert comes integrated with a CRM to manage your LMS users, track sales, user activities, and payment status, to chat with your users, and more.

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Integrated_CRM - Granular Insights - BrainCert Unified Training Platform

Essential Data at Your Fingertips

BrainCert comes integrated with dedicated dashboards and tables to visualize and track user data including enrollment status, payment status, course progress, to understand how well your eLearning programs are performing.

Data-at-your-fingertip - BrainCert LMS

Take Data Driven Decisions

Rely on real-time data from the dashboards and the data analysis tools to take data driven decisions to optimize the performance of your eLearning programs.

CRM-For-Data-Driven-Decision-Making - BrainCert LMS

Optimize Sales to Meet Your Targets

Keep track of your sales data & analyze how well it aligns with your organization's financial goals. Use the realtime data from the dedicated dashboards to tailor custom marketing campaigns to boost sales.

Optimize-Sales Revenue - BrainCert LMS

Focused Targeting

Easily look through all your learner data to sift through them and target potentially profitable customers for more business revenue.

Focused Targeting - BrainCert LMS