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Unify Your User Management with BrainCert CRM

Seamlessly track sales, monitor user activities, manage payments, and engage through real-time chats - all within your Learning Management System.

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BrainCert CRM

Empowered Decisions Through Comprehensive Data Insights

Dive into a comprehensive overview of each user's journey, from enrollment status to course completion, while also keeping tabs on payment statuses to ensure streamlined financial management.

Our system automatically enriches user profiles with vital location data, granting you instant access to city and country details. This empowers you to better tailor content and understand your audience's demographics.


Monitor Sales Activity in Real-Time.

Gain an instant perspective of your complete sales pipeline for courses, tests, products, bundles, and live classes on a dynamic visual dashboard.

Dive into detailed reports on sales activity, customer engagement, and purchase patterns. Harness these insights to track performance and identify potential avenues for expansion and growth.


Manage all your enrollments in one place

BrainCert offers a streamlined approach to eLearning enrollment management in a unified platform. Assign courses, tests, and live classes to learners effortlessly, and group them to optimize course distribution.

Using role-based permissions, ensure learners access content tailored to their needs. Additionally, BrainCert's robust analytics and reporting tools enable you to monitor learner progress and fine-tune your offerings based on real-time insights.