Compliance status

General Data Protection Regulation, enacted by the European Union in April 2016, supersedes the outdated data protection directive from 1995. This modern regulation significantly enhances privacy protections and gives EU citizens greater control over their personal data, mandating that organizations manage this data with the utmost care.

Under GDPR, businesses must transparently disclose why they collect personal data and how it will be used. They are required to provide easy access to this data for their customers, correct inaccuracies upon request, and offer options to limit automated decision-making processes.

For detailed information on the General Data Protection Regulation, please visit this link.

Our Commitment

Since the GDPR took effect on May 25, 2018, BrainCert has fully embraced its principles, ensuring that our products and services are fully compliant. We proactively engage in transparent Data Protection Addendums with our customers, clearly defining roles as data controllers and processors to ensure all data is handled legally and ethically.

GDPR-Compliant Features

Ensuring Compliance

To understand how BrainCert aligns with GDPR in detail, please visit our Privacy Policy