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General Data Protection Regulation, a.k.a GDPR is the latest data protection law adopted by the European Union in April 2016. It was brought in place by replacing the outdated data protection directive from 1995 to ensure that EU citizens are protected from privacy and data breaches.

In short, GDPR regulates & monitors the way the personal data of EU citizens are handled by organizations, companies & individuals, and gives EU citizens full control to decide how their personal data will be used.

As per GDPR, businesses are obliged to let their customers know why they are collecting personal data and what they plan on doing with it. They also need to ensure that customers have access to all their data that is being stored and the ability to correct any inaccurate information and limit the use of decisions made by algorithms

You can access complete information about GDPR here

BrainCert’s Commitment to GDPR

Here at BrainCert, we give predominant importance to customer privacy & protection of their personal data. Ever since GDPR was brought into effect on May 25, 2018, BrainCert has left no stones unturned and has ensured that all our product offerings are fully compliant with GDPR.

It is BrainCert’s standard operating procedure to enter a Data Protection Addendum with our customers before any data is being stored/processed by BrainCert. Our customers act as the data controllers & we are the data processor.

Our customers, as the data controller can work with their end-users to determine the purpose and means of collecting/processing their personal data. Customers can also monitor the way BrainCert handles the user data.

Some of The GDPR Compliant features we offer on our platforms are:

How do BrainCert ensure compliance to GDPR?

For more information on how BrainCert ensures GDPR compliance, please visit our privacy policy