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A recognized online training platform, featuring an integrated Virtual Classroom for visual whiteboard collaboration, real-time video conferencing, and a LaTeX Equation Editor, designed for teaching mathematics online from K12 to University levels.

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One-Stop Solution for Mathematics Instructors

BrainCert includes built-in support for an interactive virtual classroom, featuring collaboration tools such as LaTeX Equation Editor, line tools & shapes, and document reader & annotation tools. This facilitates the delivery of engaging live training sessions online.

Advantages of Collaborative LMS for Math Training

Advanced Reporting

    Cultivate a results-oriented learning atmosphere using dedicated dashboards equipped with role-based access control. This ensures that instructors and learners can access real-time data in a detailed format.


Enrich Learner Engagement

Learning Management Systems include features like Gamification and support for blended learning, enhancing learner engagement throughout training programs.


Easy-to-use Online Training

    An LMS stands as a comprehensive learning and teaching platform, enabling the implementation of a flexible online training and collaboration program for students, employees, partners, or customers. It includes real-time tracking of training results.

Line Tools & Shapes

The whiteboard's inclusion of robust line tools and sophisticated shapes, ranging from triangles, rhombuses, pentagons, hexagons, cylinders, cubes, cones, and other forms, simplifies the facilitation of diverse creative and educational online training.

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LaTeX Equation Editor

Generate and showcase intricate LaTeX mathematical equations on the whiteboard effortlessly using the integrated interactive LaTeX Equation Editor—a graphical user interface that eliminates the need for manually typing any LaTeX code.

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Wolfram|Alpha serves as a computational knowledge engine, providing access to a wealth of global facts and data. It performs calculations and delivers answers on various subjects, encompassing science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, and music—all conveniently accessible directly within the whiteboard.

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Integrated Virtual Classroom

BrainCert LMS includes a WebRTC-based virtual classroom right from the start, allowing users to effortlessly join or host live classes without the need for downloads or installations. This virtual classroom features an interactive whiteboard, line tools & shapes, a document reader, a cloud media player, and additional functionalities for a seamless online learning experience.

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Streamline Your Math Training Programs.

#1 LMS for Math Training

Award winning LMS with native support to an interactive virtual classroom, line tools & shapes, LaTex Equation Editor, and more for math training.

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