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Train employees into product experts with collaborative learning, and empower with sales collaterals, product tutorials, and deliver both self-paced and live training for global teams.

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BrainCert LMS for retail Industry
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BrainCert LMS for retail compaines

Benefits of Collaborative LMS for Retail Industry

  • Custom Training

    Braincert helps you to create custom training content designed to represent your brand focusing on unique requirements to your brand’s needs. Your brand is your identity

  • Monitor Learning Progress

    Powerful monitoring tools to ensure that your team members are staying up to date on the latest compliance standards and learning initiatives.

  • Reduce Overhead Costs

    BrainCert LMS helps to deliver training quickly and consistently across geographical boundaries. All the workforce dispersed across various regions get hassles-free training at ease.

Benefits of having LMS for retail industry - LMS for Retail Industry
Sales Training

As an employee is kept up-to-date about the product information's, it is easy for the staff to answer the customer’s queries and direct the right way to purchase the product thereby increasing the sales.

Sales Training - BrainCert LMS for Retail Industry
Tracking & Analytics

It helps retailers to keep track of learning progress of the employees. Instructors can easily track the number of employees yet to undergo the training process and also the effectiveness of the training process.

Tracking & Analytics - BrainCert LMS for Retail Industry

Flexibility in Learning

Deliver training to your staffs without worrying about scalability or flexibility. Let your learners do the learning at their own pace and time.

Flexibility in learning - BrainCert LMS for Retail Industry
Switch to Data Driven Decision Making

The extent of automations possible in a retail LMS combined with the powerful built-in reporting tools will help in data-driven decisions.

Data driven decision making - BrainCert LMS for Retail Industry

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