#1 HIPAA Compliant Healthcare LMS

Train your employees and healthcare staff to deliver the best possible care to patients, residents, and individuals. From easy compliance training and better patient care to flexible learning and reduced expenditure, explore all the benefits BrainCert's best healthcare LMS offers.

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Healthcare LMS - BrainCert Learning Management System
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Healthcare Training Programs - BrainCert Learning Management System

Benefits of Collaborative LMS for Healthcare Training.

A healthcare LMS will help you streamline the training programs for your medical staffs by offering flexibility in learning..

  • Support Blended Learning

    Shift from the traditional pedagogical methods to blended learning methods that offer better learner engagement with a Healthcare LMS.

  • Monitor Learning Progress

    Powerful monitoring tools to ensure that your team members are staying up to date on the latest compliance standards and learning initiatives.

  • Reduce Overhead Costs

    Reduce overhead costs in healthcare training by 60% using a comprehensive healthcare LMS.

Healthcare Training - BrainCert Learning Management System

Healthcare LMS Use Cases

Streamline Training & Onboarding

Streamline onboarding & training of new healthcare staffs by automating the process of training on compliances & regulatory standards, and organizational rules & regulations.

Healthcare Staffs Training & Onboarding - BrainCert Learning Management System
Get Training Reports & Metrics On Demand

Get precise reports with learner activity & progress on demand at your finger tips. With BrainCert you get to track who enrolled for a course, when, and their current progress.

Healthcare Training Reporting - BrainCert Learning Management System

Offer Your Learners Flexibility in Learning

Deliver healthcare training to your medical staffs without worrying about scalability or flexibility. Let your learners do the learning at their own pace and time.

Healthcare Training - BrainCert Learning Management System
Switch to Data Driven Decision Making

The extent of automations possible in a healthcare LMS combined with the powerful built-in reporting tools will help healthcare administrators make data-driven decisions.

Healthcare Training - BrainCert Learning Management System

Why BrainCert Healthcare LMS?

Powerful Reporting Dashboards - BrainCert Learning Management System

Reporting Dashboards 

BrainCert LMS comes with powerful reporting tools & dedicated dashboards with role-based access control to monitor learner progress.

Integrated Testing Platform - BrainCert Learning Management System

Integrated Testing Platform

Intuitive testing platform, to create & deliver adaptive tests for skills assessment, certification preparation, pre-hire testing, and staff evaluation.

Role based access conteol - BrainCert Learning Management System

Role-Based Access Control

Get role-based access control with granular security controls that lets users - from employees to instructors to focus only on data that is relevant to them.

Integrated virtual classroom - Healthcare LMS

Integrated Virtual Classroom

Get role-based access control with granular security controls that lets users - from employees to instructors to focus only on data that is relevant to them.

HIPPA Compliant Healthcare LMS

HIPPA Compliant

BrainCert Healthcare LMS is HIPPA compliant and is fully capable of protecting the data of LMS users, doctors, patients, and other stakeholders.

Built-in course platform- BrainCert Learning Management System

Built-in Courses Platform 

Create, market and sell highly interactive, and blended courses using intuitive drag and drop course builder tools with amazing courseware creation capabilities.

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