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An instructor-led course

Under the guidance of an instructor, team members can collaborate, share ideas, engage in group work, and participate in debates. This format not only fosters teamwork skills but also provides an opportunity for the team to bond and collectively solve problems.

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What does Instructor-Led Training entail?

Instructor-led training involves the delivery of training with the guidance of one or more instructors. Using methods such as lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and discussions, instructors impart skills or knowledge to participants. Having an instructor available to answer questions and demonstrate concepts can significantly improve the trainee's learning experience. In the grand scheme, instructor-led training often yields more benefits compared to one-on-one or online instruction.

The Skills Required

    Planning marks the initial phase of the process. Beyond planning, it is crucial to hone public speaking skills and rehearse the material multiple times before presenting it live. Practice out loud to ensure a successful training delivery. Enlighten yourself with all the technology intended for use during the training session, and have a contingency plan in case any instructional aids encounter issues.


Incorporating Different Learning Styles

Individuals exhibit diverse learning styles, and instructor-led training seamlessly integrates both classroom and eLearning approaches. Online learning management systems amalgamate classroom support with the flexibility of online learning. Real-time training proves advantageous for both trainers and trainees, resulting in time and cost savings for both the providers and recipients.


Personalized Learning

    In smaller learner groups, adept instructors can customize their approaches and address individual queries. Moreover, certain individuals grasp information more effectively when provided with dedicated time and space for learning. The transparent breakdown of costs related to instructors and facilities often leads students to perceive BrainCert as a more valuable option.


Uninterrupted Learning Environment

    Learners' retention rates may decline in the presence of distractions. A designated educational space prevents activities such as checking emails, browsing social media, or engaging in other tasks. Establishing such an environment facilitates group interaction, relationship building, and collective team growth through shared learning experiences.


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