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Launch Your Own Language Training Academy Online

Upgrade your language training experience with BrainCert's versatile training platform, catering to over 50 languages. Seamlessly providing both self-paced and real-time online training within minutes, not days.

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Make eLearning Accessible to All with BrainCert

Surpass geographical and linguistic constraints with an advanced and all-encompassing online training platform. Boost your language training enterprise with an LMS featuring an integrated virtual classroom, course platform, assessment platform, gamification engine, and beyond.

Advantages of a collaborative LMS for Language Training

Democratize Learning

    Make language training accessible to learners worldwide by transitioning your training programs online, thus democratizing language education regardless of geographical constraints.


Offer Flexibility in Learning

Enhance learner engagement and participation by providing flexible learning options through an LMS that enables learning on the move. Simultaneously, maintain the ability to monitor learner performance and progress.


Offer Dynamic Training

    Establish personalized learning trajectories, suggest courses tailored to your learners, conduct instructor-led virtual classes, administer assessments, and undertake additional measures to create a dynamic learning environment.

50+ Supported Languages

Allow your customers to navigate the LMS in their preferred language and learn at a pace that suits their comfort.

Partner Training & Onboarding- BrainCert Unified Training Platform
Promote Increased Adoption

Capture learners' interest with dynamic content and real-time collaboration to enhance user experience post the completion of the onboarding process.

Custom Branding Partner Training - BrainCert Unified Training Platform

Conduct One-On-One Training Sessions

Utilize an HTML5 Virtual Classroom platform powered by built-in WebRTC, supporting 50 diverse languages and accommodating up to 5000+ concurrent rooms per hour. This platform offers real-time collaboration, creating a cutting-edge classroom environment for learners.

Flexibility in Learning Partner Training - BrainCert Unified Training Platform
Online Training Made Easier

BrainCert serves as a comprehensive learning and teaching platform, enabling the implementation of a flexible online training and collaboration program for students, employees, partners, or customers. It includes real-time tracking of training results.

Data Driven Partner Training - BrainCert Unified Training Platform

The Only Training Platform that Supports 50+ Languages

Leverage the Benefits of a Multilingual LMS.

Host live classes, assessment tests, certification exams, and more with the #1 comprehensive LMS.

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