Key Importance of First Impressions

Onboarding is the introduction of new hires to their roles, enabling them to understand responsibilities, colleagues, and the organization's values.

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What is the Onboarding Process?

Incorporating a learning management system streamlines onboarding for new employees through prompt material delivery and simplified processes, yielding various benefits. This enhances the effectiveness of your product or service, ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction, which is crucial for your success.

Construct a Corporate Culture

    Improve the efficiency of orientation meetings by optimizing their organization. Develop compelling content utilizing digital formats such as text, video, audio, online collaboration, social media, quizzes, games, etc., fostering engagement among employees. The diverse delivery of content in your onboarding process contributes to creating an inclusive environment.


Swift Onboarding

The cloud-based LMS offers easier setup and customization compared to traditional systems. A user-friendly interface is essential for seamless onboarding, benefiting both trainers and learners by eliminating the need for extensive training. Customized learning paths can be tailored based on departmental preferences and employee types.


Time and Cost Savings

    This approach reduces expenses on instructors and transportation while eliminating the need to coordinate schedules. Online learning offers flexibility, enabling completion at any time and from any location. Providing web-based classes available online and on-demand allows employees to return to work promptly.


Versatile Content Support

In an onboarding program, incorporating diverse media and content types is crucial for engaging employees. This may involve including a video featuring an introduction from the managing director and a dialogue simulation illustrating how to report an issue to HR.



What They Say About Us

Over 100,000 customers use BrainCert to learn and teach online

Ellen H.
Enterprise LMS provides you with such a useful teaching platform that helped me interact with the students with ease. The best part is that whatever questions, doubts you may have the BrainCert team will assist you right away. They have been of great help from the beginning,since all this was new to me. They didn't hesitate to answer any of my questions and to be thorough with their answers and help. The tools VC has are simply fantastic and will make the learning process fun and easy for both teachers and students. Before opting for BrainCert I had three other options, and I have absolutely no regrets for choosing BrainCert. I definitely recommend it,especially because it is a great value for money. You will more than love it, in fact you will get addicted to it :)
Silfrido G.
Instructor Capterra-app
Your Best Virtual Classroom
I like the completeness of its virtual classroom functions, the simple way to carry out the activities from a cell phone. Its platform is the best with online content management.

Executive Sponsor in Computer & Network Security - g2-app
Best and most affordable LMS SaaS tool
I'd recommend this platform for both small and large businesses. The BrainCert team is deeply committed to ensuring that my users are satisfied with the Enterprise LMS platform and are committed to building in new innovative features to make their product better and easier to use.
Donna H.
Administrator, Real Estate Capterra-app
Great product with optional bells and whistles!
Overall it met most of my needs, and was user friendly. I did create and demo the type of exam I would have used through this vendor. Creating the exam was easy, and adding the features I needed was no problem at all. So I would say ease of use was a huge benefit of this software.
User in Education Management
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.) g2-app
User-friendly LMS helps us to get along with the platform very quickly. Course creation, conducting tests with the help of their Virtual Classroom, which helps in monitoring the students during exams, is handy. It is very simple to onboard students, create groups, and assign courses/tests. The virtual classroom allows us to interact with students, which helps us to stay in touch during COVID times. Overall a great experience with BrainCert LMS.
Vijaykumar T.
Technical Lead - Development - G2-app
BrainCert - Learning management system (LMS)
We tested over 10 LMS platforms and settled with BrainCert Enterprise LMS product for their excellent Virtual Classroom software, courses, and assessment platform, which we use daily to deliver self-paced and live training. What we liked about BrainCert is the ease in which we can customize registration fields and onboard users without any pain points. We also like the ability to organize users in Groups and enforce specific permissions using Roles. BrainCert offers hundreds of valuable integrations to connect to our OneDrive, Google Docs, and CRM system. It stands out for visual collaboration using its interactive whiteboards and virtual classroom software to deliver webinars, team collaboration, and live customer training.

An easy-to-navigate onboarding resource

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