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Empower Your Customers to Invest in Your Business

Unlock the potential of your customer relationships with BrainCert's Customer Training Platform. By providing comprehensive training resources, you can empower your customers to fully engage with your products or services, drive adoption, and ultimately become loyal advocates for your brand.

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What is Customer Training?

Customer training refers to the process of educating and empowering your customers to effectively use and derive value from your products or services. It encompasses a range of training materials, resources, and activities designed to enhance customer knowledge, skills, and confidence, ultimately fostering long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Target the Ideal Audience

    Identifying and engaging the right audience is crucial for customer training success. BrainCert's platform allows precise targeting of customer segments based on their needs and preferences. Whether new customers or specific market segments, customize training content to meet unique requirements efficiently.


White Label Your
Training Hub Branding

Utilize BrainCert's white-labeling capabilities to align your training hub with your brand. Customize branding, domain names, and messaging for a professional and cohesive training experience. Enhance your brand's credibility and reputation with a recognizable training presence.


Expand Training Across Borders

    Break down geographical barriers and empower customers around the world to access your training materials anytime, anywhere. BrainCert's cloud-based platform enables you to deliver training content globally, allowing customers to participate in courses, webinars, and virtual classrooms from any location with internet connectivity.

Tailor eCommerce Solutions

Monetize your training initiatives and generate revenue by offering customized eCommerce solutions. BrainCert's platform supports flexible eCommerce integrations, allowing you to sell training courses, certifications, and other digital products directly to your customers.

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Monitor Customer Learning Progress

Gain valuable insights into customer learning progress, engagement, and performance with comprehensive tracking and analytics tools. BrainCert's reporting capabilities enable you to monitor customer activity, assess course completion rates, and measure learning outcomes effectively.

Custom Branding Partner Training - BrainCert Unified Training Platform

Provide Certification Programs

Boost customer credibility and marketability with our certification programs, acknowledging and validating their expertise. These programs elevate their standing within their industries, enhancing career prospects and professional reputation.

Flexibility in Learning Partner Training - BrainCert Unified Training Platform
Transform Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Educate customers thoroughly on your product internals to empower them for optimal utilization. Conduct skill gap assessments, provide personalized one-on-one training via the integrated virtual classroom, and monitor their progress to enhance the efficiency of your customer training initiatives.

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Train your customers on how to use your product

The Versatile Training Delivery Platform.

Get all the tools you need to create, deliver and monitor customer training programs and improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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