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Go beyond self-paced courses with true
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Online Courses Platform comes integrated in both E-Learning Platform and Enterprise LMS products. With our powerful course creation tools, you can easily create, manage, publish and market the course in just a few clicks.

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Build highly interactive & themed courses

BrainCert enables you to create interactive courses using our drag-and-drop course builder tool with amazing courseware creation capabilities - no coding required. Make it real-time by adding live real-time classes and measure student success with adaptive tests & assessments.
Build highly interactive
Course player design

Customize everything from privacy to course player design

Customize the way the course runs by designing every step of your journey.
Add explainer videos & course highlights
Make it public or private access
Set learning path with prerequisite courses
Mark lessons for free preview before buying
Set course and lecture completion rules
Drip feed lectures based on schedule
Email & track notifications based on actions
And over 100+ features...

Add adaptive tests & proctored exams to your courses

As a part of course lecturers you can also create and deliver professional, advanced and feature-rich tests using our integrated powerful online testing platform. Users can take tests right from lecture pages with instant results. Supports both open and close-ended questions and advanced question types. The system supports conducting proctored exams wherein a proctor can monitor the students taking the exams through the real-time video.
Add Adaptive Tests
Sell Your Courses Online

Sell your courses with the integrated shopping cart

BrainCert integrates seamlessly with PayPal, Stripe, Paystack (Africa), and Payumoney (India) to collect payments directly for faster revenue and there is no middleman. You can easily create one-time or recurring subscriptions and sell your course using our awesome shopping cart system. Attract customers with discount coupons with built-in analytics to track usage.

Deliver engaging live classes with built-in Virtual Classroom

You can also deliver live classes in your courses using our integrated Virtual Classroom that offers a true collaborative and interactive virtual learning experience to conduct live engaging online classes, webinars and team collaboration. Thanks to BrainCert's Software-Defined Smart WebRTC Network (SD-SWN) and Simulcast support, Virtual Classroom offers ultra low-latency performance with 10 global datacenter locations spread across 5 continents.
Deliver Engaging Live