Gamify Your eLearning Programs with BrainCert

Feature rich gamification engine for eLearning instructors to battle poor learner engagement & course completion rates.

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Gamification Engine - BrainCert Enterprise LMS

Reward Learners With Points

Automatically give points to your learners for each milestone they complete in their learning & development journey such as completing a lesson, submitting an assignment, clearing an assessment, participating in discussions, and more.

Learner Awards- BrainCert Gamified LMS

Award Badges to Motivate Learners

Motivate your learners/employees to achieve more and to push themselves by awarding badges to your learners to let them know that their success is noticed and appreciated. With BrainCert you can create custom badges or choose from a list of preloaded badges.

Awards badges for Learners/Employee - BrainCert Gamified LMS

Show Learner Progress in Leaderboards

Showcase learner progress in leaderboards and create a healthy competition among your learners to perform better.

Leader Board Learner Progress - BrainCert Gamified LMS

Increase User Engagement & Retention

Solve the issue of poor learner engagement & retention using intelligent gamification features like leaderboards, group tournaments and challenges, rewards, and more.

Increase User Engagement & Retention - BrainCert Unified Training Platform

Core Features

Loaded with features to battle low learner engagement.

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    Points to 
  • Custom 

  • Leader 

  • Reward 

  • Customizable Gaming Mechanics
  • Intuitive 
    Reporting Dashboards