The Easiest Way to Create Your Membership Site

BrainCert is the easiest way to build your membership website, set subscription models, accept payments for your eLearning content, and to manage your membership programs.

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Membership Site - BrainCert Enterprise LMS

Membership Management

Choose the desired membership options you need to offer your users, grant or revoke access to your eLearning content based on subscription models, send payment reminders, accept payments, and do more from one platform.

Membership management - BrainCert LMS

Bundle & Sell Your eLearning Content

Bundle your eLearning materials together to give learners the chance to study two or more online courses simultaneously. Grouping multiple courses together and offering special discounts to your bundle of courses encourages more sales.

Sell your eLearning Content - BrainCert LMS

Dedicated Dashboards

Leverage the benefits of having dedicated dashboards to track memberships and payment details and also to get customized reports on demand.

Dedicated Dashboard - BrainCert LMS

Increase sales with coupons and promotions

Maximize and increase your course sales with flexible discounts and coupon codes. Coupons can also be customized with expiry dates, redeem limits and extra terms & Conditions can be added if required.

Offer & Discounts - BrainCert LMS

Core Features

The one stop solution to create a membership website and accept payments.

  • Create 
  • Bundle 
  • Dedicate 
    Datarich Dashboards
  • Coupons 
  • Create 
    Recurring Subscription
  • Membership Analytics On-Demand
  • Streamline Membership Management
  • Revenue 
    Reports on Demand
  • Intuitive Dashboards

  • Single 

  • Integrated 

  • Built-in